Fire Brew - Fire Brew

Trio - 3/12.7 oz Bottles

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Pick any three blends of your choice:  Citrus (Immune), Beet (Energy), Chai (Vitality), Hibiscus (Renewal), Garden (Power), Unsweetened (Wellness), or our Seasonal Blend.

Hot! Pungent! Spicy! Fire Brew is a raw organic apple cider vinegar-based tonic infused with a large assortment of nutrient-dense ingredients meant to nourish the body from the inside out and keep your immune system firing on all cylinders!

Take a 1/2-1 oz concentrated shot daily, or dilute it with your favorite beverage (we recommend water or tea!), and feel the toxins move out of your body. You can also use it on salads, in your marinades, or anything where you’d like to add a kick and some nourishment to your diet.  Best to refrigerate after opening for freshness.

All Fire Brew products are proudly brewed here in the USA!