Fire Brew 101

FIRE BREW is an apple cider vinegar-based health tonic unlike any other. We stir and macerate fresh, nutrient-dense vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices and allow them to steep in raw, organic apple cider vinegar for a week. This process allows the ingredients to release their vitamins and minerals which are extracted into the vinegar.  After that, we strain and press the pulp to make the concentrated vitamin-packed liquid. Each blend contains the same strong base of inflammation and toxin fighting ingredients, as well as unique boosts that characterize our individual blends, adding an extra twist of health!  

Sound intense? Well, it is! Fire Brew is not a relaxing sipping vinegar, it is never diluted, and is far more strengthening than straight apple cider vinegar.  It is a concentrated and potent wellness booster, targeted toward keeping you healthy and helping to manage existing health challenges.

Though Fire Brew is a health-focused, concentrated “shot” tonic at its heart, feel free to make it your own in terms of how and when to take it.  Enjoy it as a shot (extra fun to do with other people), in your beverage of choice, or integrate a tablespoon into your food choices (i.e. in your salads or marinades). The most important thing is just take it every day.

Whatever Fire Brew you enjoy, you can be rest assured that all of them get the job done!

Benefits from ingredients in all our blends include:

  • Building and supporting the immune system 

  • Improving digestion 

  • Reducing inflammation 

  • Relieving muscle soreness and joint pain
  • Breaking up congestion
  • Moving toxins out of the body 

  • Increasing circulation 

  • Supporting optimal cardiovascular function
  • Relieving allergy symptoms and discomfort