Our Story

I started Mind Your Manna in 2015 after thinking about my purpose long before that. I always knew I wanted to create a food product of some sort but was waiting for the right time and inspiration to present itself - a perfect storm if you will.

That convergence of events happened when I went back to school to become a Holistic Nutritionist after spending years working in the world of communications. There, at school, I was surrounded by teachers, conversations, and foods that were very exciting and eye-opening to me.  I was ensconced in philosophies that were much different than what I had known while growing up, learning about food energetics, natural remedies and healing ways to nurture the body from what comes from the earth. I was hooked and knew I had to participate in these conversations by bringing forth old-world, natural health remedies in a fresh way that people could enjoy.

Fire Brew is the culmination of those years of fiddling, testing and playing with my food paired with my passion to bring a healthy product into the world.  Whether you're familiar with natural health remedies or in the nascent stages of exploring this idea, I encourage you to give Fire Brew a try and see what you think but, more important, see how you feel!

Thanks and to your health!