At Mind Your Manna, we want to inspire people to live their best, boldest, and brightest lives. Bottled in every brew, shot, and sip are nourishing ingredients sourced straight from nature. We’re not hiding behind anything artificial, so what you taste is what you get! At MYM, we distill plant-powered nutrients down to their essentials to create healing remedies crafted to sustain the mind, body, and soul. Think of them as a drinkable daily multivitamin or the boost you need to power your lifestyle. 


1st We mix and macerate fresh, nutrient-dense vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices.
2nd Our blends are left to steep in raw, organic apple cider vinegar for a week. During this time, the vinegar absorbs all the vitamins and minerals released by the ingredients.
3rd Next, we strain and press out the pulp. 
The Result Vitamins and minerals concentrated into a variety of wellness tonics that do everything from help you sleep restfully to reduce inflammation. 

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Product image


With a burning desire to live a more purposeful life, in 2014 Valerie Roth made the bold move to go back to school, start her career over, and pursue her passion: Holistic nutrition. Surrounded by unfamiliar foods, exciting ideas, and inventive ways to heal with natural ingredients, Valerie’s ideas for an accessible line of all-natural wellness tonics began to brew. She collaborated with expert herbalists to craft tradition-inspired holistic remedies brightened with fresh, healing, and exotic ingredients. After months of tinkering in the kitchen, she struck the perfect balance of functional and flavorful ingredients that would make up her line of potent wellness tonics.

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