Fire Brew - Fire Brew
Fire Brew - Fire Brew
Fire Brew - Fire Brew

1 oz. Pocket Shots

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You asked and we answered!  We have taken our most popular wellness boosters, IMMUNE (Citrus with Astragalus) and ENERGY (Beet with Cinnamon) and put them in a 1 oz pocket size bottles for easy peasy mobility.  Don't let their small size fool you; these little babies pack a serious punch!  They are full strength, all natural and packed with an immense amount of healing whole veggies, fruits, herbs and spices 
You deserve a natural, wellness remedy that gets the job done right!  Just ... Sip Shoot. Mix.

- Contains prebiotics and probiotics

- Made with organic raw fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices

- Unpasteurized, raw and includes 'the mother' of vinegar

- All-natural, paleo, non-alchoholic

- Lightly sweetened with raw, local honey

- Proudly crafted in the USA!