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 "Thank you guys. When I feel my asthma symptoms coming along I’ll usually take a big gulp of your citrus. It knocks my socks off and before I can regain my composure I notice my lungs are instantly becoming less inflamed. Thanks!!!! Beats an inhaler."

"I started the beet in January and I just love it. I take it 2 times daily and I truly believe it has improved my circulation! I do a shot in the morning and a cooling drink in the afternoon with a little stevia and ice!

Love love your product!!"

"Found your brew at a store in Newport and have been ordering it on line since… We get the citrus immune booster and have to say that it has made much difference.  Waiting for the next order to arrive. Keep up the amazing work. You have believers in my wife and me. "

"I’ve tried a few of the flavors so far and am blown away. So far my favorites are the beet and chai. That being said, all the flavors I’ve tried taste great and give such an invigorating kick... I highly recommend!"

I recently visited Portland and tried one of your vitality shot from a delicious salad bar. It saved my life when I felt sick and I took the shot. It’s very helpful also yummy too!

"FYI - Bought a 12oz bottle from the Beaverton Farmer’s market a month back.  During that time of taking it, my entire family became sick...except me!  Correlation does not necessarily equal causation, but I also believe in not messing with a good thing!" 

Best vinegar in the whole world! I've been searching for you guys for months! I'm so happy I found you. Now I can get one of every flavor! So glad you were at the Portland night market again, got a even bigger bottle this time! See you soon!

I drink this every day mixed with 16 oz of water- and have through my entire pregnancy- never felt better! Won't go a day without!!

We just drank through a small Fire Brew in about a week. Got it for me but my husband ended up loving it, too. We already feel better. I have no idea how this works but it's like a kick in the holistic pants.

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